Max Silverman

Max Silverman.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.Max Silverman was born on August 25, 1906 in Sudbury. Silverman was a sports enthusiast from a young age, serving as waterboy for the Sudbury senior hockey team. Working his way through the ranks, Silverman eventually became coach of the Sudbury Wolves in 1932 and from there, went on to coach Sudbury's junior hockey team.

In 1938, Max Silverman assembled a team of talented hockey players from across Ontario, united them under the banner of the Sudbury Wolves, and brought them to compete in Europe at an international competition (where they won the world championship title).

Silverman enjoyed a successful career as a coach with Sudbury's junior hockey team, but he was more than just a coach. Silverman was elected Mayor of Sudbury in 1965 and served until his death in 1966. Throughout his life, he was involved in many local organizations including the Sudbury Lions Club and the Sudbury Elks Lodge, as well as serving as president of the Northern Ontario Hockey Association.

Max Silverman died at the age of 60 on October 6, 1966.


Material compiled from Biographies of the Sudbury Region.

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