New Homes

In 1941, the Pentecostal church moved from its home on Cedar Street to the former Ukrainian Labour Temple on Spruce Street. Reverend Hugh Cantelon arrived to minister to the parishioners and through his efforts, church attendance rapidly grew to over one hundred people.

The building became too small to hold the entire congregation, and a lot on Alder Street was purchased in the hopes of building a new church building.

In 1945, the Sudbury Pentecostals built their first church on Alder Street through the efforts of volunteer labourers. The new church was called Glad Tidings Tabernacle and was large enough to hold 200 people.

Over the years, the congregation size continued to increase, and in 1967, the congregation was moved to a church on Prete Street to accommodate all of the parishioners. By 1979, the church once again moved to Regent Street, where it is still located today.

The Pentecostal religion developed a close relationship with the Baptist community and even inspired the creation of the All Nations Baptist Church in the early 1950's.

Today, Glad Tidings Tabernacle continues to be a well-attended church that caters to the needs of its parishioners through evangelical preaching methods.


Material compiled from The Religious Tradition in Sudbury: 1883-1983.

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