Another Heartbreak for Sudbury

1920-21 Sudbury Wolves.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury".After winning the Northern Ontario Hockey Association and Ontario Hockey Association championships in 1919, the senior boys continued their pursuit of victory.  They advanced to the Eastern Division championships and competed against Toronto.  The winner of the bout would go on to the Canadian championships, with the victor of that match representing Canada in the World Tournament.

Sudburians were obsessed with the upcoming match and some even traveled to Toronto to watch the game first-hand.  As there was no radio station in Sudbury at the time, citizens would crowd around the telegraph office to hear updates on the team's progress.  Coined the "Wolves of the North" by the telegraph operator, Sudbury's team was vicious in their efforts to secure a win.

Sudbury's "Wolves" won the tournament, but in a last ditch effort to thwart the northern victors, the University of Toronto's Collegiate hockey team decided that they should be entitled to play Sudbury for the right to represent the Eastern Division in the Allen Cup championships.  The U. of T. team had not paid affiliation dues to the C.A.H.A. and were not even eligible to play in the competition as teams were not permitted to compete in more than one league.  However, the bureaucrats of the O.H.A. and the C.A.H.A. allowed the match and Sudbury, exhausted from their earlier games, was defeated.  Sudbury was robbed of its rightful opportunity to challenge for the Canadian title.

Sudburians held a large banquet in honour of the team and presented a diamond ring to each player in recognition of their efforts and triumphs.


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