More Leagues for Sudbury

In December of 1912, house leagues throughout Northern Ontario combined to create the International Hockey League.  The league consisted of an eastern division (Sudbury, Copper Cliff, Sturgeon Falls, and North Bay) and a western division (Blind River, Little Current, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, and Sault Ste. Marie Michigan).

1914 Gordon Cup Winning Team.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury".By 1914, a three-team league was created in Sudbury with the stars from each team combining to form Sudbury's inter-town team.  This league was made up of only local players, an improvement over other Sudbury clubs in which homegrown talent was often buried under the sometimes less than stellar imported players.  This began a tradition of title victories for Sudbury, beginning with the 1915 championships.

Sudbury's all-star team enjoyed their first ever victory on North Bay's home ice that season.  The win enabled Sudbury to compete for the Senator Gordon Cup (a championship cup donated by Senator George Gordon for the District of Nipissing) against the reigning champions from Cobalt.  At the time that the cup was presented, Sudbury was considered part of the District of Nipissing, making the team eligible to compete for the title.

In March of 1915, Sudbury's hockey team traveled to Cobalt to play for the championship.  The game was of so much importance that a National Hockey Association referee was brought in (the N.H.A. was the first professional hockey league formed in Canada back in 1910).

The series tied at one game apiece and a sudden death match was held in North Bay to determine the winner.  Sudbury succeeded in outplaying the bigger, more experienced Cobalt team to win the Gordon Cup.


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