Development and Destruction

Coniston Continuation School.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.In 1941, additional classroom space was needed and so the gymnasium reverted back to being a classroom. In addition, the girls' and boys' cloakrooms were removed and the teachers' room was moved to the basement of the school to allow for additional class space.

Throughout the war years, the students of Coniston Continuation School developed many groups and committees to assist in the effort. The girls would knit clothing for the Red Cross while other students would sell candy, hot dogs, and other items to raise money for the organization. The school even developed an Air Cadet Squadron and the boys would take trips to military camps and airfields in the summer to get a glimpse of war and see how the aircraft were used in combat. Of course, many former graduates also had a hand in the war effort by enlisting in the armed forces. Over fifty men and women were named for their contributions to the war effort and these names were engraved on an aircraft propeller that was displayed in the school. When the school closed, the "Honour Roll" was donated to the local Canadian Legion Branch #427.

By the late 1950's, school attendance had begun to decline as students sought educational opportunities in other communities that offered a wider range of courses and extracurricular activities.

Eventually, in June of 1962, Coniston Continuation School was closed due to declining attendance. The real heartbreak came on May 21, 1977 when a fire destroyed the empty building and what was left of the beloved school was torn down.


Material compiled from The Coniston Story.

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