Catholic Women's League

The Catholic Women's League began at Christ the King Church in 1921. The league would host a semi-annual tea and bazaar as a social event for parishioners and to raise money for charitable activities. Over the years, the Catholic Women's League has assisted in the financing and support of local groups (ie: Girl Guides) and given generously to St. Charles and Marymount Colleges, and the Seminarian Fund. They also provided medals and rosaries to Grade 8 students of the parish. The League would hold high masses for deceased members, an annual high mass for living members, and a monthly low mass for all members of the league.

The Catholic Women's League continues to play a vital role in parish life. They host receptions and farewells for priests, assist needy families, help Catholic Charities, visit the sick and the blind, help immigrants to learn the English language, perform community canvasses for the Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Cancer Society, the Ontario March of Dimes and others, and take part in the Meals on Wheels program. They also protest current events and laws that go against church beliefs by submitting petitions and writing letters to government officials.

Visit the Catholic Women's League of Canada website for more information.


Material compiled from Church of Christ the King 60th Jubilee: 1917-1977 and The Religious Tradition in Sudbury: 1883-1983.

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