A Completed Church

On the morning of September 29, 1929, Bishop Scollard held a blessing and dedication for the newly completed St. Joseph's Church and that afternoon, 125 children received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Fire at Christ the King Church 1947.  Photo courtesy of Greater Sudbury Historical Database.In March of 1935, Bishop R.H. Dignan was formally consecrated as a Bishop and shortly thereafter, he changed the name of St. Joseph's Church to Christ the King to avoid name duplication within the diocese. Also during this year, the parish's first Altar Society was formed. The Altar Society consisted of parish women who raised money to purchase necessities for the church and rectory.

December 12, 1939 saw the formation of the Legion of Mary at Christ the King Church and in 1946, the Catholic Youth Organization was established. The organization was "the place" to go on Friday nights and weekends to meet and socialize with other young people. Every year, the Catholic Youth Organization would put on a play to help raise money for the parish.

Devastation struck the church on October 30, 1947. A fire gutted Christ the King, resulting in a financial loss of over $200,000.00. While reconstruction was being done, masses were held at St. Mary's Ukrainian Church and at the Capitol Theatre. By July of 1948, the church was rebuilt and on July 19, 1948, a mass was held in Christ the King for the first time since the fire. The newly repaired church was blessed by Bishop Dignan in September of that same year.


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