The Fate of Gillmor Hall

Throughout the 1950's, St. Alban's congregation frequently debated the issue of selling Gillmor Hall as it was too large for the needs of the parish. On January 20, 1963, the parish posted an ad in The Sudbury Star indicating their acceptance of bids for the purchase of the hall.

In a strange twist of fate, a fire broke out on April 23, 1963, seriously damaging the interior of the hall. The congregation determined that it would sell the building "as is" and use the proceeds from the sale as well as the insurance settlement from the fire to expand St. Alban's Church to include a basement hall.

Gillmor Hall was subsequently sold to Vincent McLaughlin and Donald Wendorff in 1965. The two men used the building as the basis for their lumber and hardware business, Laurentian Building Supplies.


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