Gillmor Hall

Prior to 1926, St. Alban's parishioners didn't have an exclusive social hall for their church activities. At this time, the congregation was attempting to determine whether to build a parsonage or a parish hall and after much deliberation, it was decided that a parish hall was necessary to hold regular church functions.

By June 4, 1928, two adjoining lots had been purchased one property over from the church on Dennie Street. A meeting was held on this date to determine the financial requirements to build the desired hall. By a majority vote, the building committee decided that the construction of the hall would be done for a cost of no more than $8,500 - eight thousand of which would be mortgaged from the Brockville Trust Company.

The committee was eager to have the hall built and a rush was put on its construction. By the end of 1928, the new parish hall was completed. During one of the subsequent meetings, the committee decided unanimously to name the hall the Gillmor Memorial Hall in honour of the former Archbishop.

Gillmor Hall was officially dedicated on February 3, 1929 by the Venerable W.A. Burt, the Archdeacon of Nipissing.

The opening night was a success with 140 people enjoying the dances and card playing that took place. Some citizens opted to boycott the opening celebration because a local 10-piece band was not hired to play at the event. Instead, the committee had hired a 4-piece band from Sudbury to do the honours as they could not afford to hire the local talent.


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