By 1970, it was becoming obvious to the people of Onaping that a Regional Government structure was going to be introduced. On June 8, 1972, the towns of Onaping, Dowling, and Levack received word that they would be grouped together as a municipality under a ward system. Levack and Dowling would be permitted two councillors each on the new council and Onaping would have one representative. The council would be determined by an election within the three towns.

Shortly after the decision was received, a contest was held to determine the name for the new municipality. On August 3, 1972, an announcement was made that the three towns would be united as the Municipality of Onaping Falls.

The three towns were informed that the new municipal structure would take effect at the start of 1973 and so on October 2, 1972, an election was held to determine who would be the representatives for the municipality. The election resulted in I.J. Coady being named Mayor, E.G. Jarvis as Councillor-at-Large, F. Spencer and P. Owens as Ward One (Levack) Councillors, R.J. Beaudry as Ward Two (Onaping) Councillor, and Germaine Gorham and J. Schneider as Ward Three (Dowling) Councillors. Harold Bondett was named Chief Administrative Officer.

On January 1, 1973, the new Regional Municipality of Sudbury officially took effect, thus ending the Improvement District of Onaping and its Board of Trustees.

Almost twenty years later, on January 1, 2001, Onaping was part of another amalgamation. This time, it was a union of Sudbury with all of its regional municipalities that resulted in the formation of the City of Greater Sudbury.

While the Town of Onaping is no longer a company town under Falconbridge Nickel Mines, residents of the community will recall the town's early days with fondness and joy. Today, Onaping still maintains its sense of identity and purpose and the people of this close-knit community take great pride in their accomplishments. Through their efforts and dedication, they proved that a small mining town can grow beyond the limitations of a boom and bust industry to become a permanent settlement rich in community spirit.


Material compiled from The Story of Onaping Falls.

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