James Kelly
James Kelly.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.James Cornelius Kelly came to Sudbury from Toronto in the mid-1890's.  He originally served as manager for the Hudson's Bay Store in Sudbury and in 1905, he moved to Creighton Mine. 

On June 1, 1908, James Kelly opened his store on Mary Street in the community of Creighton Mine.  He was the first recorded merchant to locate in the community. The post office was soon relocated to the store and Kelly served as post master for many years. 

From 1908 to 1940, Kelly's store offered personalized service to the residents of the village, enabling the people of Creighton to purchase their goods and necessities without having to travel all the way to Sudbury.


Material compiled from The Walden Observer and Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums Archives.

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