Creighton School

Miss Ursula Black.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.The school in Creighton Mine is best represented by the teachers, one specifically is Ursula Black. Miss Black, as she is still known today, arrived in Creighton Mine at Easter in 1917. She spent the next 42 years as teacher and principal of the Creighton School. Her salary was paid by the Canadian Copper Company and she became one of four teachers at the school, teaching an average of only 32 students. The Company supported the teachers in the development of school picnics, bazaars, concerts and parades. Miss Black fostered and encouraged a sense of pride in her students and she was remembered by many former pupils for her insistence that they become educated and self-reliant.


Material compiled from There Were No Strangers and Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums Archives.

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