A Success Story in Progress

Throughout its history, the Sudbury and District Chamber of Commerce has fought for regulations on peddling, the sale of low-quality goods, the regulation of store hours and what days stores can be open, not to mention improvements to roads and railways. By way of lobbying, this association has managed to successfully implement postal services and attract three post-secondary institutions (Laurentian University, Cambrian College, and Collège Boréal) to the community.

In the midst of advocating for important and necessary changes and developments, the Chamber of Commerce has consistently supported the establishment of many public business initiatives including the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, the Taxation Data Centre, the Provincial Building, and Science North. It has also demonstrated support for the development of enterprises such as the Sudbury Theatre Centre and the Greater Sudbury Airport.

Today, the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce continues to lobby for road improvements while providing support and assistance to local small business owners and community organizations.

For more information on the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce, visit their website.


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