Creating a School

School in Long Lake.  Photo courtesy of Greater Sudbury Historical Database.On April 3, 1908, the first meeting regarding education was held at Stanislaus Labelle's home.  The meeting resulted in the building of the community's first one-room schoolhouse.  The school was located on the east end of Long Lake and later, a room was added to the building to serve as quarters for the teacher.  The first teacher for the new school was Miss Delle Julia Handfield.  The first tax assessor was William Gray.  He was appointed to the position on May 11, 1908, and he received no pay for his position.

The school saw many teachers come and go and in 1922, a teacher from Manitoulin took over the instruction of the students.  Miss Hazel Cannard brought the concepts of hot lunches at school, Christmas concerts, and school gardening to the children of the community.  She even provided English language classes to adults in the evenings.

In the early days, schools were inspected by the Department of Education.  Inspectors would occasionally visit the schools to make sure that things were running smoothly.  As there was no means of communication, teachers could not be forewarned of the arrival of these inspectors, requiring them to always be prepared for a visit.

On July 11, 1923, a new schoolhouse was built on the south side of Long Lake.  This school, as with the previous one, was heated by a wood stove and the fire was kindled each morning by either the caretaker or the first students to arrive for class.


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