Mr. Quin

The first record of a homestead being built in Levack was by a man named Quin sometime before 1913. As the story goes, Quin, a resident of Chelmsford, wanted to find a place where he could own a piece of land and live quietly. He decided to follow the railway line north until he reached Dowling. Since Dowling was already being cleared and farmed, he continued along the railway until somewhere around High Falls, he saw an old logging trail. Quin opted to take the logging trail and after winding his way around High Falls, he came to a peaceful stretch of flat land (now known as Hardy Mine). Having found what he was looking for, Quin started to built a homestead for himself and to clear a patch of land for farming. (In those days, people would clear an area of crown land, build a home there and begin farming. After a fair amount of work had been done and enough time had passed, the individual could obtain the deed to that land.)

Quin cleared a large piece of land that stretched to the other side of the river (where Levack's shopping centre is now located). His aim was to clear the land up to and around where the remnants of some old log cabins sat from logging days gone by. Unbeknownst to Quin, the Mond Nickel Mining Company had purchased the land on which Quin was building and had every intention of establishing a mine in the area. When Quin found out that all of his hard work had been for naught, he was extremely upset. He knew he had no legal claim to the property, but for the rest of his life Quin believed that the Mond Nickel Mining Company stole his farmland.

Not long after the mine began operating in 1914, Quin moved to an area between the town and the mine where he once again built a homestead and started to clear land. Sometime later, Finnish, Polish, Ukrainian, and Russian families purchased lot permits to settle on this land. The area became a settlement known as Warsaw, although it was officially an extension of Levack's Tenth Avenue.


Material compiled from The Story of Onaping Falls.

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