Valley Chamber of Commerce

At the initiative of young Abbé Vaillancourt, the merchants of Rayside-Balfour, Blezard Valley and Dowling joined together to form the Valley Chamber of Commerce, an organization whose role would be to promote the commercial, civil and agricultural development of the region.  From the start, the Chamber lobbied for banking services, road improvements, a liquor control board and a vehicle licensing office.

Dog-sled races and beautification campaigns were numbered among the Chamber of Commerce's initiatives.  The Chamber also supported the initiatives of other organizations such as the first baby contest that was launched by the Fédération des femmes canadiennes-françaises.

In 1972, after the formation of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury, these responsibilities passed to the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce.  However, after a few years without a business association, local merchants' associations formed in Azilda and Chelmsford.


Material compiled from Chelmsford 1883-1983.

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