Levack Today

By the late 1950's or early 1960's, INCO decided to get out of the business of owning towns. The houses and the land lots were put up for sale and the residents of Levack were able to purchase the homes that they had been renting or buy new lots on which to build. Now that the townspeople owned their own properties, they decided to renovate their homes (some to such an extent that the original structure was no longer visible).

During this time, a medical centre was built and the old curling rink and outdoor hockey rink were replaced with a new indoor arena and community centre. The local Credit Union relocated to their new building on Main Street and many other businesses expanded their operations.

By 1970, Levack had grown into a welcoming and inviting community in which to live and on January 1, 1973, as part of a Provincial Government initiative, Levack, Dowling and Onaping were effectively combined to form the Municipality of Onaping Falls, a part of the new Regional Municipality of Sudbury. This arrangement lasted for almost twenty years and required many adjustments on the part of the townspeople from all affected communities.

On January 1, 2001, the Municipality of Onaping Falls, along with other communities throughout the Regional Municipality of Sudbury, joined to form the City of Greater Sudbury.

Today, residents of Levack continue to embody the sense of unity and friendship that was responsible for the successful development of this close-knit community.


Material compiled from The Story of Onaping Falls.

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