Living Conditions

Pioneer life was a difficult one for the residents of Sellwood.  The boys would often start working in the mine at a very young age as there was no secondary education to be had.  Only a few fortunate boys were able to escape to a boarding school out of town to further their education.

Across the river from the community, there were many log cabins inhabited by trappers, hunters, prospectors, and Native Americans.  In town, the homes consisted mainly of frame buildings.

While most men were employed by the mine, some worked in the bush.  These men would put in 10 hour days, six days a week.  Their shifts would start before dawn each morning and would end well after nightfall.

When the cooler weather started in the fall, most residents would start hunting to prepare for the coming winter.  When winter finally came, sleigh rides were all the rage as children would bundle up and head out on the trails.

Residents of Sellwood would often come across people from Milnet on their travels and would visit with each other as they made their way to their destinations.


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