Many families helped to build Capreol into the strong, successful community that it is today.  The following is a list of just a few of these memorable individuals. 


Ezio "The Crow" Bevilacqua Doug Mohns
Terry Crisp Alexander and Mary Nepitt
Frank Dennie The Nepitt Children
Leonard and Catherine Gilbert Charles O'Leary
Chester and Esther Judd Henry and Constance Plexman
Fiore and Guiseppina Mazzuca Harold Prescott
The Mazzuca Children Adam (Addie) Sweezey
Frank and Mary Mazzuca (Drago)


Biographical information on the families listed is taken from Capreol: The First 75 Years and The History of the Town of Capreol.  For more information on other memorable families and individuals, please consult the above-mentioned books or visit Capreol Online.

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