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Riches Beyond Our Rocks DVD
In conjunction with the 125th anniversary of the railway reaching the area, the City of Greater Sudbury installment of the Ontario Visual Heritage Project, entitled Riches Beyond Our Rocks; Stories from Greater Sudbury, is now available for purchase in High-Definition DVD!

Riches Beyond Our Rocks Stories from Greater Sudbury DVDs $20 plus GST order yours Here!

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The story of the City of Greater Sudbury is as diverse and rich as the rocks beneath its surface; and the roots of its people run just as deep. For centuries the riches of the Sudbury landscape have attracted peoples from throughout Canada and the world. The Anishinabek, Lumbermen, prospectors, miners, and farmers are among the pioneering spirits who have called Greater Sudbury home. Here, through its multicultural population and industrial endeavors, the echoes of the great moments of the 20th century can be heard.

This two-hour documentary film explores the intriguing history of Greater Sudbury and its people through interviews with local historians, archival films, photographs and re-enactments of historical events.

Extra Features:

  • A website where the videos can be viewed in streaming media
  • A course guide for educators
  • An interactive DVD which allows viewers to access stories via a timeline, through their location or according to their theme
  • 60 minutes of additional stories and content
  • English with the option for French subtitles



Orders for the High-Definition DVDs of Riches Beyond our Rocks; Stories from Greater Sudbury are now being taken from city libraries, museums, and other partner organizations throughout the City of Greater Sudbury.

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Riches Beyond Our Rocks; Stories from Greater Sudbury


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Rooted in Stone: Reflections on West Parry Sound's Past

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