The Town of Falconbridge

The Town of Falconbridge was a company town in every aspect. All of the businesses and homes were established through Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited and the company also provided residents with sewer, water, and hydro services. In 1929, a major housing project was undertaken by the Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited company and numerous homes were built. The first twenty-five of these five-room homes were constructed in various styles and provided their owners with sewer, water, hydro, and other services. Amidst the settlement, the company also established a medical facility for the townspeople.

Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. Logo - 2004.  Photo courtesy of Carolyn Salem.Around this time, Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited wanted to ensure that the construction of the town would be functional and organized. As such, the company hired the best civil engineer in North America, Ernie Neelon, to plan the development of the community. Neelon provided the blueprint for the creation of the Falconbridge settlement complete with room for storm, water, and sewage mains, a sewage treatment plant, and hydro and telephone lines. His designs included wide streets and sidewalks and large lots that would provide residents with front and back lawns. This blueprint was used for numerous decades thereafter.

In the 1930's, Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited had built its first smoke stack. The structure was made of brick and measured 174 feet (53 meters) high. A few years later, the company built its second smoke stack, a reinforced concrete structure that stood 305 feet (92 meters) high. By 1934, Falconbridge Nickel Mines was employing 426 men and the company was ready to sink another mine shaft, Number Five, which would become the major mine of the area.

Over the years, the Town of Falconbridge thrived as the Falconbridge company expanded. Additional homes were built and more people chose to reside in the small community. Electricity was provided to the town homes through Falconbridge Nickel Mines Limited and in 1948, the community received a new water pumping station to improve water supply to both the company and the town.


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