Post Office

Newton Cryderman, a resident of Massey Bay (Bowland's Bay) established the first post office in the area in 1921 at his home because he was tired of having to travel to Capreol to pick up his mail.

When the Spanish River Lumber Company opened a general store in Skead in 1924, William Bell, the company owner, took control of the postal operations and moved it to the general store. On September 6, 1924, he renamed the post office "Skead Post Office". John Gordon was hired as postmaster and store manager, a position he retained until the Poupore Lumber Company purchased the Spanish River Lumber Company in 1942.

Upon the relocation of the store and post office to a bunk house across the street from its previous location, Mr. Gordon became manager of the general store while Mrs. Mary Poupore took over as postmistress for the community. During her tenure, mail was delivered on a daily basis by the Local Lines Bus Company Limited.

When Mrs. Poupore retired in 1950, the role of postmaster was transferred from one individual to another, eventually falling to Francoise Hayes in 1959. Years later, Francoise and her husband, Bill, purchased the general store and post office in 1962 from then owners, Mr. and Mrs. Lorne D'Amour.

The post office and general store operated for another thirteen years before closing in 1975. Upon the store's closure, Francoise was given permission to move the post office to her home on Canton Street. She continued to serve as postmistress for 26 years before retiring on January 31, 1988.

The day after Francoise Hayes retired, February 1, 1988, the post office was moved to the home of Loralei Dittburner on MacLennan Drive. Dittburner would serve as postmistress for ten years. On October 16, 1991, Dittburner franchised the post office and moved it to the Country Corner Store (a confectionary she established a few months earlier in April of that year). The store was later sold to Gaston and Vanja Hacquard on August 31, 1998.


Material compiled from Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924 - 1999.

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