Christ the King Church

Jubilee Hall circa 1917.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.In the early days of the Roman Catholic faith in Sudbury, English and French speaking parishioners all attended Sainte-Anne's parish. It was decided that in order to better serve both linguistic groups and to overcome tensions between French and English members, an additional parish should be established. So, in the spring of 1917, the Jubilee Hall was renovated to serve the English-speaking Roman Catholics of the Sudbury area. The French Catholics continued to use Ste. Anne's as their centre of worship. Named St. Joseph's Church by Bishop Scollard, it was officially opened on September 23, 1917. Reverend Dean Crowley was the first pastor for the new church.

St. Joseph's celebrated its first sacrament on July 29, 1917, with the baptism of Mary Lilian Grace Maloney, and on October 22, 1917, Patrick Gowan and Charlotte Agnes O'Connor had the honour of being the first couple married in the church.


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