Creating a Separate School

Father Hormidas Caron.  Photo courtesy of "One Hundred Years of Catholic Education: 1884 - 1984".In 1886, the local French residents were unhappy with the ethnic divisions and proceeded to create a Catholic Separate School. This new school was not recognized by the Department of Education and as a result, it was ineligible for any government grants. The Department of Education deemed that this school was a private separate school and therefore, had to be privately funded.

Undaunted, the residents sought a location for their new school. Mr. Stephen Fournier, a local resident, provided the school with the use of his vacant home for classes, and with the hiring of a new teacher, the first Catholic school was created.

In 1888, Reverend Father Hormidas Caron, Father Nolin's successor, began to take steps to have the Catholic school recognized by the Ontario School System, and on April 9th, the Catholic Separate School received official recognition by the Department of Education. September 23, 1888 saw the first school board created. Mr. Stephen Fournier was chosen to serve as Chairman while Mr. John Frawley was selected to be the Secretary-Treasurer.


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