Terry Crisp

Terry Crisp.  Photo courtesy of Capreol Online.Terry Crisp began his NHL career in 1967 with the St. Louis Blues, a team created as part of the NHL expansion season.  In 1973, he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers, where he helped to win the first-ever Stanley Cup victory for an expansion team.  The following season, Crisp and his teammates decided to make it two in a row, bringing home the coveted trophy once again.

At the end of Terry Crisp's eleven-year career as an NHL player, he decided to become a coach.  He started by coaching his former team, the Philadelphia Flyers, and later went on to coach the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds and the Calgary Flames (where he secured another Stanley Cup win).  As assistant coach of Canada's 1992 Olympic Hockey Team, Crisp helped to lead the team to a silver medal.

Over the years, Crisp has coached other expansion teams, including the Tampa Bay Lightning (from 1992 to 1997) and has gone on to become a sports commentator for TSN and FOX Sports.

Today, Terry Crisp is one half of a dynamic, colour commentary duo covering the games of the Nashville Predators (another expansion team).  Crisp is now a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, but he will always be remembered by the people of Capreol for his great hockey ability.

For more information on Terry Crisp, visit Capreol Online or the Nashville Predators website.

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