Harold Prescott

Harold Prescott.  Photo Courtesy of Materials Gathered by Mr. and Mrs. Judd, and Mr. and Mrs. Farquharson.Harold Prescott was born on December 2, 1911 in Killaloe, Ontario. He married Esther Lawrence on June 15, 1932 and they had twelve children: Don; Bob; Shirley; Crystal; Haroldene; Heather; Terry; Patricia; Bruce; Reginald; Douglas; and Randy.

The family moved to Capreol in the 1940's when Harold was hired as a locomotive fireman for the CNR. Immediately, Prescott took an interest in community life and municipal politics. He served as town councillor for two years beginning in 1951 and in 1955, he was elected mayor. Harold maintained his position until 1969 (except for two years in 1962-63) and was elected mayor once more in 1973.

Throughout his political career, Harold Prescott continually promoted Capreol everywhere he went and was soon provincially known as the mayor of the "Best Town in Northern Ontario".

Prescott is known for the design and creation of the Capreol flag, and more notably, for arranging the donation of a locomotive steam engine to the community from the CNR.

Engine 6077 arrived in Capreol on July 1, 1967 and was the first museum piece donated to the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre. In honour of Prescott's efforts and dedication in obtaining this symbol of Capreol's history, the park where the train would stand was named Prescott Park.

Harold Prescott died on September 25, 1984 at the age of 73, but his legacy lives on in Prescott Park and Engine 6077.

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