Alexander and Mary Nepitt

Alexander Nepitt was born in the Ukraine and came to Canada in 1909. He married Mary Palewictz in 1913.

Alex had moved to the Town of Sellwood in 1912 where he opened Nepitt's General Store on Young Street. When he was established, he sent for his childhood sweetheart, Mary, and the couple were married in Sellwood. When the Sellwood mine closed in 1923, the Nepitts moved to Capreol where they set up another general store. The store in Capreol was built out of the bricks that were used in the construction of their original general store in Sellwood.

The Nepitts ran the general store for thirty-five years, supplying life necessities to tourists, section workers, INCO, and the Department of Lands and Forests. In 1973, Nepitt's store celebrated its 50th year of operation in Capreol.

Alexander was an avid curler, with his team representing Capreol in curling competitions with Sudbury. Nepitt's team won the tournament so many times that he started to call the victory trophy "mine cup" and would proudly display the victory cup in his general store.

Mary was a wonderful singer whose voice mesmerized anyone in hearing distance. Later, her son-in-law, Dave Kilgour (husband to Emma), would harmonize with her.

Alexander and Mary were active members of the Anglican Church and the couple had three children, Alex Jr., Emma, and Helen.

Alexander Nepitt died in 1966, and Mary died on December 29, 1977.

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