The Mazzuca Children
Frank Mazzuca

Frank Mazzuca was the oldest son of Fiore and Guiseppina Mazzuca. He would help out in his father's store and worked as a brakeman/conductor for the CNR for thirty-nine years. Frank married Rose Del Papa and had one son, Frank Jr.

In 1950, Frank Sr. opened a furniture store on Young Street. Today, Mazzuca Furniture and Appliance Company is still in operation.

Frank was a dedicated member of his community and in 1957, won the position of town councillor, where he continued to serve his community for six years. In 1975, Frank was voted Mayor of Capreol and was an active representative for the town in Regional Council meetings.

Mario Mazzuca

Mario Mazzuca was the third child born to the Mazzucas. Mario was hired by the CNR at the age of nineteen but only stayed with the company for eight years. In 1964, he opened a Chrysler dealership, Mazzuca Motors. Mario married Elaine Desjardins and had four children, Marilyn, Ann Marie, Rosanne, and Joanne.

The Mazzuca Chrysler dealership is still in operation today.

Robert (Bob) Mazzuca

Bob Mazzuca was the fourth-born child of the Mazzucas.  He worked for the CNR for seven years before owning and operating Mazzuca Fuels. He married Rose Del Papa and had three children, Perry, Constance, and Robert.

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