Fiore and Guiseppina Mazzuca

Fiore and Guiseppina (called Josephine) Mazzuca came to Canada from Italy and originally settled in Norman Township. In 1921, the Mazzucas moved to Capreol, where they were regular members of the Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church.

The couple owned and operated a shoe repair business and later, a grocery store on Young Street. They lived in an apartment at the back of what was once Mazzuca's IGA. The Mazzucas had five children, Frank, Valentino, Mario, Robert, and Delphine. Years later, Valentino would take over the operation of the IGA along with his wife, Violet D'Appolonia.

Valentino, Mario, and Robert currently own rental properties, including the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre.

Fiore Mazzuca died on October 11, 1965 and his wife passed away on January 21, 1975.

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