First Baptist Church of Capreol

First Baptist Church circa 1926.  Photo courtesy of the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre.In the early days of the Baptist faith in Capreol, Baptists took part in services held by other Protestant religions in the area.  It wasn't until 1918, when the new United Church was built, that the Baptist community decided to form a separate congregation in Capreol.

The first Baptist mission was created in the summer of 1919 with services being held by Reverend H.P. Humphreys in the homes of parishioners.  By the fall of 1921, the congregation had grown in size and it was determined that a church building was required.

In April of 1922, the congregation decided to organize the Capreol Mission into a Baptist Church.  The first-ever Capreol Baptist Church was recognized by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec on June 26, 1922.  The church was located at the corner of Queen Street and Bloor Street, where it still stands today.

During the winter of 1924-1925, a Baptist Sunday School was started in the home of Agnes Johnson because it was impossible for residents of the Town of Norman to make the long journey through the heavy snow to attend regular church services in Capreol.

Construction began on rebuilding the church in 1925 and on October 26th of that year, the church building was complete.


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