Capreol Public Library

In Capreol's early days, library services were provided by the YMCA. The YMCA offered a limited source of reading material for the town citizens and was lacking in reference and contemporary books. As the community expanded and grew, the YMCA and the citizens of Capreol determined that a new library system was needed.

A committee was established to solve the need for a new library. The library was housed in a small room at the Town Hall, however, this location was inadequate. Space, funding, and reading material were all lacking.

Capreol Public Library.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Public Library.In 1970, the new Town Council decided to pursue funding opportunities through the Provincial Public Libraries Act and was rewarded when their application was approved. On April 26, 1971, the Capreol Public Library was established next to Alex Nepitt's store.

Even with the new location and funding, reading materials were still very limited. The Sudbury Regional Library agreed to supplement Capreol's collection, enabling the Capreol Public Library to provide for the reading needs of the majority of its citizens.

When the Public School on Morin Street was closed, the Town of Capreol purchased the empty building for use as a library and to house the municipal offices. Donations poured in from almost every business and organization in Capreol and one citizen, Charles O'Leary, included the library in his will; donating $5,000 to aid in its establishment. With this money, the Public Library was able to furnish the building. On November 22, 1972, the Capreol Public Library was officially opened.

Over the years, the library has made improvements to the building, including the addition of a Reading-Reference room. The collection of reading materials has also expanded and in 1991, 16,000 books were in circulation at the branch and the library boasted a membership of 2,552 people.

Through the amalgamation of the City of Greater Sudbury in 2001, the Capreol Public Library has become part of the Greater Sudbury Public Library system.  

Today, Capreol's library is able to offer its citizens a vast wealth of resources that can be borrowed from any library branch throughout Greater Sudbury.  The library also serves as a Citizen Service Centre, a "one-stop shop" where citizens can access many municipal services, including making municipal payments and obtaining animal licenses.


Material compiled from Capreol: The First 75 Years, 1918-1993.

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