City of Sudbury

The history of the City of Sudbury is a reflection of the dedication of its people to the creation of a community worthy of pride and devotion.  From its early days as a mining town to its role today as a leader in mining and communication technologies, the City of Sudbury has come a long way. 

Throughout its history, spanning more than a centiry, the community has seen the development of an excellent education system, an expansion in business interests, and the acceptance of many religious denominations.  Sports activities and other athletic interests have served to keep the residents happy and active year-round.

Cultural diversity is honoured and celebrated in this city, with the hosting of many festivals that encourage understanding and cooperation.

Over the years, the City of Sudbury has grown to include many of the nearby settlements.  Today, it is at the heart of the largest city in Northern Ontario per capita and serves as the medical centre for the north. 


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