Town of Capreol

Capreol has come along way from its early roots as a railway junction for the Canadian Northern Railway. 

The Town of Capreol has developed into a thriving, close-knit community that celebrates its heritage and honours the people who have helped to make the town what it is today.

Although part of the City of Greater Sudbury, Capreol is truly its own town.  Local businesses (some family-owned for generations) provide for the physical needs of the residents, while local churches cater to the spiritual side of life.

Schools, medical facilities, and sports activities ensure that the minds and bodies of residents continue to be healthy and active.

Amidst all of the normal, day-to-day activities, Capreol residents have not forgotten who they are and where they come from (no matter how far away success may take them).  To be part of this community is to be a member for life.

A sense of pride and history is deeply instilled in Capreolites, as evidenced through the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre's tribute to the railway's development of the town and to the former settlements of the area.

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