Museum in a Suitcase

Museum in a Suitcase


Museum in a Suitcase is a unique program sponsored by the Greater Sudbury Public Library and Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums.

The program is:

    • Free of charge
    • Available in English or French
    • Given in your classroom
    • Approximately 45 minutes
    • Adaptable for time and grade level

Bring history to life in your classroom! 

The following Museums in a Suitcase are available:


Toybox from Grandma's Attic

This interactive suitcase is designed to teach students about our past through toys. Students will have an opportunity to play with some of the heritage toys that were available to pioneer children.


Canadian money

Money Talks:
The History of Canadian Money

Step back into the past to learn about the development of money in Canada's history from wampum to the money we use today. Discover what Sudbury contributed to the making of coins.(Visual presentation with interactive activities)



How We Communicate

Today, we talk on our cell phones or send emails to keep in touch. Travel back in time to explore the various types of communication throughout the ages. Students will find out how they can make themselves understood without even saying a word!(Visual Presentation with interactive activities)



History of Mining in Sudbury

Did you know that Sudbury's nickel was discovered accidentally? Delve into our historic past to uncover how it all started. Experience our rich mining heritage. (Visual presentation with interactive activities)



Home Grown : 
A History of Farming in Sudbury

What did the early settlers do for food? There were no grocery stores to go to. Learn how they grew crops in such a harsh environment and climate. Dig up the past on some of our early farms and enjoy the harvest. (Visual presentation with interactive activities)



Timber :
A History of Logging in Sudbury

The Sudbury area once had trees that were almost two metres in circumference. Learn how these trees were felled and driven down river to the sawmills. Discover Sudbury before it became a mining town. (Visual presentation with interactive activities).


Railway tracks

Making Tracks:
The History of Railroads in Sudbury

Building a new railway from coast to coast was a big job. In 1881, the Canadian Pacific Railway was formed to unite the land and people of Canada. From a small valley to the thriving city of Greater Sudbury - find out how it all began! (Visual presentation with interactive activities)


Greater Sudbury 125 Project  


Florence Howey


Understanding Archives:
Learning From Our Past

Discover the interesting lives of some of our early settlers. Use historical photographs and documents to help put the stories together. Learn how to become a history detective using local primary sources!

(Lesson plans with worksheets available online or as a CDROM Kit to borrow from the Greater Sudbury Public Library)


For more information or to have a Museum in a Suitcase presented in your classroom, please contact: 

Nadia Vellucci,
Library and Heritage Programmer,
Greater Sudbury Public Library
Phone 705-673-1155, extension 4752
fax to 705-673-6145


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