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How To Search within a PDF (Information in PDF that opens when link is clicked on)

To find something specific, such as a person's name, a particular article title or subject in an issue of the INCO Triangle, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the PDF version of the issue you wish to search through.
  2. Press the Control Key and F keys at the same time (Ctrl + F).
  3. The "Find" box will open.
  4. Type the word/words you want to find in the issue into the "Find" box.
    For example;
    If you are looking for mention of a John Smith, type John Smith into the Find box.
    If you want to see what the issue says about hockey, just type in hockey.
  5. Click on Next in the Find Box.
  6. Continue to click on Next until you find the right person or article you searched for, or until you have searched down through the entire INCO Triangle issue. Click on Previous to search back up through the PDF.
  7. If you did not find what you were looking for, close the PDF window to return to your list of Triangle issues and try searching another issue using these same steps.