Senior Grades: Analyzing Photographs

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Senior Grades Archives Kit: Time Links -
Analyzing Historical Photographs from the Sudbury Area

 The purpose of this activity is to interpret historical photographs taken in the Sudbury area in order to learn about the history of the city.  Students will identify objects, persons, buildings and events.  Students will also consider the reason that the photograph was taken, the place and the time period that the photo was taken in. 

Once the students have had a chance to evaluate all of the pictures, information is then provided about the buildings within each of the photographs.

The pictures that were selected can be easily interchanged with photographs that will suit the needs of your lesson.


This activity comes with a list of questions that the students should be asking themselves while they are evaluating each of the photographs in question.


Click on a link below to download part of the kit, or click here to reserve the Archives Kit from the Greater Sudbury Public Library.

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