Grades 11 & 12: An Eye on Everything

Headline from An Eye On Everything by Robert Evans reads Momentous day when first A bomb fell


Grades 11 & 12 Archives Kit: An Eye on Everything

 An Eye on Everything was an old column started in the 1920s, and was re-established in 1957 by journalist Robert Evans.  Published in the Sudbury Star, this column gave reader's a perspective on the events happening throughout the world as well as within their local community. 

Articles chosen for this particular activity are based on key events which happened throughout the 20th century.  Events such as the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Queen Elizabeth opening the 23rd Parliament in Canada, the Camel Corps of the First World War, as well as the Evacuation of Dunkerque.  In each of these articles, the author gives insight that might not be in the history books, such as recollections of a specific event as well as the aftermath.  Since Robert Evans was a Sudburian, writing for the Sudbury Star, these articles are also tied into our own local history.

The purpose of the activity is to allow students to read through each of these articles and come to a conclusion about their authenticity.  Are the facts presented in each of these articles real, fiction, propaganda or embellishment?


This activity comes with a fact sheet of questions that students should be using when trying to determine the credibility of the article that they are presented.

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