Grade 8: Len Thomas

Len Thomas Postcard collection


Grade 8 Archives Kit: Len Thomas Postcards - 
A Glimpse into the Life of an Early Sudburian Settler

 The Len Thomas postcard collection is a series of 14 postcards written by an immigrant who moved to the Sudbury area and wrote regularly to his father and sisters back in London.   This Cornish miner moved to Sudbury in the early months of 1912, and experienced life in that time period. 

In his postcards, Len talks about several social issues happening at the time, the lifestyle he is living in Sudbury, and comments on the technology available in Sudbury during the early part of the 19th century. 

 By analyzing both the textual and visual components of the postcards, students will be able to exercise their research skills and describe life in Sudbury in the early 1900's.  A copy of the research chart is available for download.      


Two presentations are available for this exercise.   The first presentation highlights Len's postcards, both the text and pictures.  The second presentation displays 20 other pictures of Sudbury from 1908-1915 in order to further show how the town looked in that time period.


Click on a link below to download part of the kit, or click here to reserve the Archives Kit from the Greater Sudbury Public Library.

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