Grade 6: Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison's Letter


Grade 6 Archives Kit: The Thomas Edison Letter

 This language lesson incorporates primary sources into the classroom setting by using a letter that Thomas Edision wrote to his wife during his visit to Sudbury in 1901.


Students are asked to read this 3 page letter, and complete an assigned project based on the facts that were presented in the letter by Edison. 

There are three choices for this assignment:

  • You are Thomas Edison's wife, and you are responding to the letter that your husband just wrote to you while he was on vacation.
  • You are Thomas Edison, and you are going to address the citizens of Sudbury after Mayor Ryan officially welcomes you to the city.
  • You are a newspaper/television journalist and you are going to writing an article/broadcast about Thomas Edison's visit to the Sudbury Area.

Click on a link below to download part of the kit, or click here to reserve the Archives Kit from the Greater Sudbury Public Library.

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