1939 Royal Visit

June 5, 1939

Their Majesties visit Sudbury



In May of 1939, the Royal Couple - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth - departed on their 44 day train tour across Canada.

During their visit, the King and Queen would make several stops throughout Ontario, including Kingston, Stratford, Brantford, Ottawa, Chatham, Guelph, North Bay and of course Sudbury!

During their stop in Sudbury, the Royal couple had an extensive itinerary planned. In addition to a gathering at Athletic Park (now known as Queen's Athletic Park), and a parade, the couple would be the first pair of royals to tour Frood Mine. 

The Royal Couple was welcomed from the moment they disembarked from the Royal Hudson. As the King and Queen slowly headed toward their parade car, they would spend the better part of an hour chatting with many of the hundreds who came to welcome them at the station.

After the parade which started at the welcoming site, and ended at Queen's Athletic Park, the Royal Couple would take part in a ceremony where the King signed the guest registry, and the Queen was presented with a bouquet of orchids.

      Royal Couple

The final scheduled stop in Sudbury was a visit to Frood Mine. With only a skeleton crew on hand, the King and Queen would dress in the appropriate mining attire and descend into the mine on a small elevator, plunging into the depths of the mine at 1500 feet/minute. Because of the Queen's visit to the mine, operations underground were ceased for a few months as people of the time believed that it was bad luck to bring a woman underground.

Royal Couple is welcomed to Sudbury

Reboarding the train after their tour of Frood Mine, the Royal train made one more minor stop in Capreol. The train was to be serviced at the Capreol station, but the Royal Couple was not scheduled to make an appearance in this particular town. With over 5000 people from Capreol and the surrounding towns came out to witness this historic event, the Royal Couple would once again disembark from their train and speak with the people of Capreol.

Although their time in the Sudbury Area was short, the residents of Capreol and the surrounding towns in Sudbury were overwhelmed by the kindness and interest displayed by the King and Queen during their visit and many Capreolites still have fond memories of that day.

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