L'Annonciation (1951)

In the late 1940s, French Canadians in New Sudbury asked the diocese for a parish.  The bishop entrusted the decision to Monsignor Coallier, for this request would result in the division of his parish. Several options were implemented before the parish was established.  Mass was first offered in Charles McCrea Public School, then the number of masses was increased.  Still, the parishioners were not satisfied and a large number of them presented a new petition that went unanswered.  Frustrated, they approached the apostolic delegate who ordered founding of the parish in 1951.  However, mass was still being provided in the school and a second intervention by the apostolic delegate would be necessary to obtain appointment of the priest, Father Conrad Daigle.  Assisted by his parishioners, Father Daigle began construction of the church in May of 1953 with the land being donated by Mr. Guido Pevato.


Material compiled from 75e anniversaire du diocèse du Sault Ste-Marie 1904-1979, and 1914-1978: mes souvenirs.

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