Saint-Stanislaus-Kostka (1900)

From the mother parish of Sainte-Anne-des-Pins would come all the other Catholic parishes in Sudbury.  At first, the parish served all Catholics, regardless of their language or place of residence.  Consequently, as early as 1887, residents of Copper Cliff appeared in Sainte-Anne's parish registers; among other entries is found the baptism of Joseph Étienne Rioux, godson of Jean-Étienne 'Stephen' Fournier.  Saint-Stanislaus-Kostka parish of Copper Cliff would be Sainte-Anne's first daughter parish. It owed its name to the generous contribution of the Polish community to the development of the parish and the construction of the church.

In 1908, Father Louis Ragaru, priest of Saint-Stanislaus, established Saint-Michel-Archange Mission in Creighton Mine.  This mission reported to Saint-Stanislaus until it was elevated to the status of parish in 1935.


Material compiled from Saint Stanislaus Parish, Copper Cliff: the Early Years and The immigrants' church: the third force in Canadian Catholicism, 1880-1920.

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