Dowling Blossoms

By 1958, schools were being expanded, and churches, stores, medical services, emergency services, and meeting halls were all in demand. However, Dowling was growing faster than the town could provide these services. Therefore, most of the services were provided by other townships in the area with a few small stores opening in Dowling to help meet demand.

The year 1962 was a memorable one for the people of Dowling. During the election of that year, the town elected its first and only woman to public office by a one vote majority. Mrs. Germain Gorham, having served on the school board for six years, was accustomed to public responsibilities and served the Town Council well.

Also in 1962, the town started to see the development of more business enterprises. Dowling's first shopping centre was built in that year. The plaza provided residents with a central shopping location where they could obtain needed goods without having to travel all the way to Chelmsford or Sudbury. One year later, in 1963, the community welcomed its first hotel, the Dowling Hotel. By the mid-1960's, the Town of Dowling was becoming a true urban centre worthy of the title "Town".

With the amalgamation of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury in 1973, Dowling became part of the Municipality of Onaping Falls and so ended the Town Council of Dowling. Another amalgamation followed in 2001 when the Municipality of Onaping Falls became part of the City of Greater Sudbury.

Today, residents of Dowling have much to be proud of. They have succeeded in transforming a rural farming area into a thriving residential community that promotes friendship and acceptance between neighbours.


Material compiled from The Story of Onaping Falls.

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