Women's baseball began in 1920 after the completion of the first full season of women's hockey.  Players formed a district league similar to the men's Nickel Belt Baseball League and their first game took place on the school grounds of Central Park School.

As none of the ladies had ever played baseball before, they knew nothing of game rules or player positions and except for the pitcher and the catcher, the women were scattered between the first and third bases.  The excruciating game ended with a score of 61 to 10 and it was reported that only Kitty Young and Tena Green showed any skill at the game.

Despite the difficulties of this first match, the players were very enthusiastic and were willing to practice extensively to play the game properly.

By 1926, the women were playing actual baseball games and with the addition of new teams, had decided to form the Ladies Nickel Belt Softball League.  Teams from Coniston, Capreol, Copper Cliff, Cartier, Worthington, and Sudbury joined the new league.  A championship trophy, known as the Grace Child Trophy, was donated to the league to encourage competition.  In 1929, the Northern Ontario Women's Softball Association was formed.

Players, especially catchers, had to be careful during ball games as there was little protective equipment to be had.  A catcher performed her duty without the benefit of shin pads and chest protectors, and was often injured as a result.


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