Rayside-Balfour Museum

The Rayside-Balfour Museum is the smallest of the four sites.  It is situated in the Azilda Public Library. Rayside Balfour Museum

Milk maid and old-fashioned creamer Inside, the museum has artifacts depicting agricultural life in the area. There is a dairy display which shows the different stages of milk production and the creation of milk products.  From the separation of cream from milk, to bottling milk and churning butter, visitors will surely gain an appreciation for the long, elaborate process.

The museum is located in an area with a strong French-Canadian background. As a result, portions of the collection reflect this community. A model serves to depict the "Flying Canoe", the centerpiece to a folktale. There is also a collection of books by local authors, many with French titles pertaining to local history. Flying canoe



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